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Aerospace Coatings

Conventional, low VOC, high solids and water-based primers, topcoats and all the associated materials such as hardener/catalyst, thinners/reducers and cleaning solvents for exterior and interior aircraft surfaces.
Specialty coatings for high temperature applications, non-slip, abrasion-resistance, ablative, rain erosion, fuel tank and upper wing.Paint Removers / Strippers environmentally friendly, regulatory conforming, ease of application and fast acting.Biodegradable cleaners, polishers and protective coatings for exterior and interior surfaces.Accessory products for surface preparation, paint application and finishing process such as abrasive disc, masking tapes, protective films, polishing pads, tack rags, paper wipes and decals.

Spray guns - conventional suction / gravity feed, HVLP and pressure pot system.Inspection and measuring instruments such gloss meter, film thickness gauge and viscosity cup.Workshop equipment- paint shaker, mixers and agitators, infra-red curing system and color spectrometer.
Accessories to enhance good painting practices for personal health and safety such as disposable coverall, respirators, skin protection creams and hand-cleaners.

Value Added Service
Comprehensive standard training program covering every stage of aircraft painting, carried out in-house or at customer’s site. Also available are programs tailored to the specific need of our customers.Color blending facility employing high technology equipment to enhance color accuracy, productivity and delivery time.Expertise in handling shipment of hazardous material for air and sea shipment including special packaging, documentations and other related administrative matters.

Aircraft painting service
whether complete strip or rub-down and paint, our competent and experience painting team can be deployed to perform painting assignment at any destination, for all type of aircraft.

Aircraft Interior

Furnishing Materials
Carpets - Made either of 100% wool, nylon or combination wool/nylon, they are lightweight yet durable. For executive jets and private aircraft, we have heavy-tufted, custom-designed carpets for the ultimate feel of luxury.
Seat Cover Fabrics - These specially treated fabrics are durable, stain resistant and dimensionally stable even after numerous wet washing. Unique designs are generated by the use of latest computer added design technology. Fire blocking seat cover material is also available.Genuine and Synthetic Leathers - With a wide selection of finishes, textures and colors to suit various applications from seat covers to paneling, these leathers combine comfort, aesthetics and durability.Seat Foam Cushion - Manufactured from specially formulated polyurethane of graphite foams, the material is totally fire retardant and resilient. By selection correct hardness and densities of the material, passenger comfort is enhanced especially for long haul flights.Non-Textile Floor Covering - For aircraft galley and toilet areas, our vinyl and silicone based floor covering provides toughness and durability to the hard wearing areas. The floorings are constructed in a manner to enhance safety as well as easy maintenance.

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Cabin Equipment and In-Flight Services

Crew and passenger safety harness and seat belts
In-flight entertainment system that provides total audio visual experience with state of the art equipmentBlankets, pillows, head rest covers, hand and facial towels; and disposable plastic utensilsPassenger and cockpit crew headsets with noise-canceling feature

Installation & Maintenance Solution

Fasteners - Hook & Loop, lacing cords, threads
Double-Sided Carpet tape
Carpet underlay, polyurethane floor protection film
Adhesive tapes and sealant
Leather and fabric cleaners and conditioners
Acrylic / plastic care and restoration
Biocidal / anti-static cleaner for glass, plastic & vinyl surfaces
Cabin air fresheners and odor eliminator
Aircraft disinfection products for cabin and cargo holds
General cleaners for hard and soft surfaces

Aircraft System

Aircraft Lighting SystemA complete range of light assemblies and spares for exterior and interior applications such as anti-collision strobe lights, sealed beams, miniature and subminiature lamps, LED lights, halogen/incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Water and Waste Management System
We provide everything from the ranks that hold potable water to the dispensing devices such as water faucets; from the wash basins and toilet bowls to the vessels that contained the waste products. And in between these ends, we provide that filtration, switches, sensing devices, fittings and attachments.

Environmental  Control System
To provide conducive and healthy environment to both passengers as well as operational integrity of the sophisticated electronic instruments, we offer a range of our cabin air filtration and delivery system. These include high efficiency particulate and HEPA filters, EE cooling filters, conduits and fitting.

Control and Sensing System
For hydraulically and pneumatically actuated flight control assemblies, e.g. Digital Central Central Lateral Control, Roll-Out Guidance and Autobrake; we provide both repair/overhaul service as well as outright purchase. Our inventory of the system spares includes valves, bearings, switches and sensors.

Aviation Chemicals and Consumables

Sealants and Adhesives
Under this category includes products of wide ranging physical properties and application such as one and two-part RTV silicone or silicone-based compounds, polysulfide sealants for fuel tanks and corrosion inhibitive application; adhesive films for composite part repair and manufacturing; and anaerobic and cynoacrylate adhesives. 

Lubricants and Corrosion Protection/Inhibition Fluids & Compounds
Both organic and inorganic products are available for general purpose and specific users over wide ranging operational parameters. Products include turbine oils, greases ad corrosion inhibiting compounds.

Cleaning Chemicals
Whether they are for specific or general degreasing and cleaning purposes, our products meet the necessary specifications for performance, health and safety of the users and the environment. Products include safety cleaners for aircraft, engine and avionic components; disinfecting cleaners for aircraft cabin, galleys and toilets; aircraft exterior and interior cleaners.

Consumables and Accessories
We offer an array of consumables from general masking / special purpose adhesive tapes, aluminum / paper spray masks, hand cleaners, general , special wiping cloth and paper products and workshop tools and accessories.

Aerospace Composites

Process Materials
Glass, Aramide and Carbon Fiber pre-preg and dry cloth. Available in a variety of style and resin. Meets various aircraft manufacturers specification.Core material such as honeycomb and Polyurethane foams.Adhesive films and resinsVacuum bagging materials - Breather/bleeder cloth, release films, vacuum bagging film, sealant tapes, release liquid and pressure sensitive tapes.

Tooling and Equipment
Custom-designed, state-of-the-are computerized process control equipment such as high pressure autoclaves for a variety of uses –from research & development to full scale manufacturing of large aircraft parts; pressure/vacuum vessels, hydraulic presses, ovens and hydroclaves.Hot-bonding repair modules - Fully digitalized and computer controlled, these modules are available in single or dual zones; standard workshop range of the Flightline model for operation in hazardous environment. Accessories include standard and custom-formed heat blankets to suit the profiles of the composite parts.Phosphoric Acid Containment System to increase efficiency and integrity of surface preparation for material bonding.Specialized tools such as riveter guns, routers, drills, drill stops, cleco fasteners and other general workshop tools and equipment.

A variety of training packages tailored for specific need of the trainees are available - from basic knowledge of aircraft composite repairs to special instructor’s courses. Depending on the package, the courses are either conducted on-side or at specialized training centers.

Technical Support
For equipment installations, we also provide calibration services and routine maintenance programs.


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