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Aircraft Coating

Aircraft painting is a combination of science and art. The science part of it comes from the development of coatings that will perform under the extreme conditions that modern aircraft operate in, and the use of appropriate tools, equipment and processes.

Our premium coating products are developed by a reputable manufacturer who is the maker leader in the field of aerospace coatings and who consistently exceeds the technological demands of the industry. These products are engineered to have the perfect balance of protection, performance and appearance, after undergoing exhaustive and rigorous tests. They are either fully qualified or meet performance requirements of major aircraft manufacturers and regulatory authorities.

The art part of the formula derives from the skill, knowledge and experience of the applicators in using the right techniques to produce optimum result under varying working conditions and the environment. To achieve this, we offer our customer the technical expertise of our vendors to provide continuous improvements through regular practical and theoretical trainings or seminars.

Hypercoat offers a complete support for our products and services in every aspect of aircraft painting. Customers need only look us up for everything that is needed for aircraft painting.

Aircraft Interiors

The moment a passenger steps into an aircraft cabin, lasting impression will be made about the airline. A well designed cabin interior offers its occupants the comfort and assurance of safety and security for the journey they are about to take. It is about giving them a total sensory experience �?the luxurious and comfortable feel of the materials, the soothing color scheme, the clean and pleasantly scented air; and the general quietness of the environment. We have made these attributes our top priority when we offer to our customers.

In collaboration with an impressive portfolio of reputable manufacturers, we offer a very comprehensive range of products and services for the aircraft interior. Our vendors are renowned and reputable manufacturers who have expert knowledge in the demands of the aviation industry. They continuously keep pace with latest development in technology, regulatory requirements and trends. Employing state-of-the art technology from the design conceptualization to manufacturing, they produce materials that meet the stringent requirements of both our aviation authorities and especially our discerning customers.

Aircraft Systems

Reliability and safety are most important considerations for any aircraft system, its components and spare parts. Be they the engines that propel the aircraft or the ubiquitous rivets that hold the airframe together, they have to be technically reliable throughout the entire operational cycle. Any aircraft part, even as small and relatively inexpensive as an instrument indicator light or an o-ring, that malfunctions pre-maturely; may prove costly to airlines in terms of aircraft delays as well as that labor to replace. General safety of the aircraft and its passengers can also be jeopardized.

Reliability is also one of the most important attributes of an aircraft parts supplier. Available supplier is an asset to airlines because it gives them the assurance that they will get that right parts at the right time; and of course at the right price. It can be a valuable working partner in the pursuit for cost-effective solution to aircraft inventory management and eventually profitability. 

Reliability is also one of the most important attributes of an aircraft parts supplier. A reliable supplier is an asset to airlines because it gives them the assurance that they will get the right parts at the right time; and of course at the right price. It can be valuable working partner in the pursuit for cost-effective solution to aircraft inventory management and eventually profitability.

With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier to our long list of satisfied customers. We can be relied upon to provide only original and genuine products; fully certified and completely traceable to the manufacturers. Our commitment to providing excellent service is reflected not just in our mission statement buy also, most importantly, in our daily operations.

Aviation Chemicals and Consumables

It is constantly a challenge to properly manage the inventory of aviation chemicals. Issure such as product shelf life and hazardous characteristics of the material make seemingly inexpensive products, costly to procure and store. This is particularly so for products of low usage and very short shelf life. Chances are buyers have to purchase more than that are required to perform the work because suppliers impose minimum order quantity. Adding to this is the high cost of shipping hazardous material, as well as its disposal when the shelf life expires. Buyers have to strike a balance between having to satisfy the needs of the end-users and keeping the procurement cost as low as possible.

We understand the nature of the requirement, especially for aircraft maintenance where the volume is small and the demand is difficult to forecast. We make it our objective to offer our customers cost-effective solution to this problem with our board range of products and services. We afford our customer to convenience of ordering small quantities at competitive prices, short lead times and where possible, maximum shelf life. All products supplied by us are backed by the manufacturer’s certification, safety data sheets and test reports whenever required.

Aerospace Composites

Aircraft designers and manufacturers are increasingly looking into advance composite materials to increase performance benefits on their aircraft. In the earlier years composite material such carbon fibers were used to replace metal only on secondary structures such as spoilers and elevators. Now, with the development of more advanced material, even certain primary structures such as the horizontal and vertical tail planes are being constructed in composite material.

With increasing usage of composite materials on aircraft, reparability of these composite components becomes a challenge. Repairing damaged components and parts can be costly in terms of aircraft down-time, material and labor. To reinstate the structural integrity of the components, the repair must be done employing correct procedures, material and equipment. The operators performing the repair must be well-trained and competent, as well as continuously update their skill and knowledge to keep up with the advancement of the technology.

At Hypercoat/ Hansair, we look at every aspect of aircraft composite manufacturing and repair. By aligning ourselves and collaborating with well established manufacturers who are leaders in their respective fields, we offer a fully integrated service in terms supply of approved materials, tooling and equipment; as well as accredited training program. We make it our objective to be a truly one �?stop source to our customers.


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