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Aviation Chemicals
& Consumables





-Adhesives & Silicones


-Dow Corning

-Henkel Hysol




-Solvents & Cleaning Compounds



-Covalence Adhesives


-Aircraft Window Mask


-General Consumables










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Aviation Chemicals & Consumables


It is constantly a challenge to properly manage the inventory of aviation chemicals. Issure such as product shelf life and hazardous characteristics of the material make seemingly inexpensive products, costly to procure and store. This is particularly so for products of low usage and very short shelf life. Chances are buyers have to purchase more than that are required to perform the work because suppliers impose minimum order quantity. Adding to this is the high cost of shipping hazardous material, as well as its disposal when the shelf life expires. Buyers have to strike a balance between having to satisfy the needs of the end-users and keeping the procurement cost as low as possible.

We understand the nature of the requirement, especially for aircraft maintenance where the volume is small and the demand is difficult to forecast. We make it our objective to offer our customers cost-effective solution to this problem with our board range of products and services. We afford our customer to convenience of ordering small quantities at competitive prices, short lead times and where possible, maximum shelf life. All products supplied by us are backed by the manufacturer’s certification, safety data sheets and test reports whenever required.

Our specialty products are:

Sealants and Adhesives

Under this category includes products of wide ranging physical properties and application such as one and two-part RTV silicone or silicone-based compounds, polysulfide sealants for fuel tanks and corrosion inhibitive application; adhesive films for composite part repair and manufacturing; and anaerobic and cynoacrylate adhesives. 

Lubricants and Corrosion Protection/Inhibition Fluids & Compounds

Both organic and inorganic products are available for general purpose and specific users over wide ranging operational parameters. Products include turbine oils, greases ad corrosion inhibiting compounds.

Cleaning Chemicals

Whether they are for specific or general degreasing and cleaning purposes, our products meet the necessary specifications for performance, health and safety of the users and the environment. Products include safety cleaners for aircraft, engine and avionic components; disinfecting cleaners for aircraft cabin, galleys and toilets; aircraft exterior and interior cleaners.

Consumables and Accessories

We offer an array of consumables from general masking / special purpose adhesive tapes, aluminum / paper spray masks, hand cleaners, general, special wiping cloth and paper products and workshop tools and accessories.


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