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Aircraft Systems: Engines
Airframe & Avionics



-Filtration System

-Donaldson Filtration


-Fuel Hydraulics, Pneumatics

-HR Textron


-Lighting Systems

-General Electric

-Chicago Miniature


-Mini Lamp & Micro Lamps




-Goodrich Lighting

-Air Signia


-Meggit Safety System


-Waste & Water Management

-Seals, Packing, Bearing








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Aircraft Systems.

Reliability and safety are most important considerations for any aircraft system, its components and spare parts. Be they the engines that propel the aircraft or the ubiquitous rivets that hold the airframe together, they have to be technically reliable throughout the entire operational cycle. Any aircraft part, even as small and relatively inexpensive as an instrument indicator light or an o-ring, that malfunctions pre-maturely; may prove costly to airlines in terms of aircraft delays as well as that labor to replace. General safety of the aircraft and its passengers can also be jeopardized.

Reliability is also one of the most important attributes of an aircraft parts supplier. Available supplier is an asset to airlines because it gives them the assurance that they will get that right parts at the right time; and of course at the right price. It can be a valuable working partner in the pursuit for cost-effective solution to aircraft inventory management and eventually profitability.

With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier to our long list of satisfied customers. We can be relied upon to provide only original and genuine products; fully certified and completely traceable to the manufacturers. Our commitment to providing excellent service is reflected not just in our mission statement buy also, most importantly, in our daily operations.

Our area of specialization includes:

Aircraft Lighting System

A complete range of light assemblies and spares for exterior and interior applications such as anti-collision strobe lights, sealed beams, miniature and subminiature lamps, LED lights, halogen/incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Water and Waste Management System

We provide everything from the ranks that hold potable water to the dispensing devices such as water faucets; from the wash basins and toilet bowls to the vessels that contained the waste products. And in between these ends, we provide that filtration, switches, sensing devices, fittings and attachments.

Environmental  Control System

To provide conducive and healthy environment to both passengers as well as operational integrity of the sophisticated electronic instruments, we offer a range of our cabin air filtration and delivery system. These include high efficiency particulate and HEPA filters, EE cooling filters, conduits and fitting.

Control and Sensing System

For hydraulically and pneumatically actuated flight control assemblies, e.g. Digital Central Central Lateral Control, Roll-Out Guidance and Auto brake; we provide both repair/overhaul service as well as outright purchase. Our inventory of the system spares includes valves, bearings, switches and sensors.

We are active participants to ATA Spec2000 and Aeroxchange electronic marketplace for aircraft, parts sourcing and procurement.


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