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Aerospace Composites




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-Vaccum Bagging Material

-Vaccum Bagging Film

-Adhesive Films,
Prepegs and Primers

-Dry Fabrics

-Vaccum Infusion Process
(VIP) Materials

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Aerospace Composites

Aircraft designers and manufacturers are increasingly looking into advance composite materials to increase performance benefits on their aircraft. In the earlier years composite material such carbon fibers were used to replace metal only on secondary structures such as spoilers and elevators. Now, with the development of more advanced material, even certain primary structures such as the horizontal and vertical tail planes are being constructed in composite material.

With increasing usage of composite materials on aircraft, reparability of these composite components becomes a challenge. Repairing damaged components and parts can be costly in terms of aircraft down-time, material and labor. To reinstate the structural integrity of the components, the repair must be done employing correct procedures, material and equipment. The operators performing the repair must be well-trained and competent, as well as continuously update their skill and knowledge to keep up with the advancement of the technology.

At Hypercoat/ Hansair, we look at every aspect of aircraft composite manufacturing and repair. By aligning ourselves and collaborating with well established manufacturers who are leaders in their respective fields, we offer a fully integrated service in terms supply of approved materials, tooling and equipment; as well as accredited training program. We make it our objective to be a truly one �?stop source to our customers.

Our wide ranging capability includes the supply of:

Process Materials

  • Glass, Aramide and Carbon Fiber pre-preg and dry cloth. Available in a variety of style and resin. Meets various aircraft manufacturers specification.
  • Core material such as honeycomb and Polyurethane foams.
  • Adhesive films and resins
  • Vacuum bagging materials �?Breather/bleeder cloth, release films, vacuum bagging film, sealant tapes, release liquid and pressure sensitive tapes.

Tooling and Equipment

  • Custom-designed, state-of-the-are computerized process control equipment such as high pressure autoclaves for a variety of uses –from research & development to full scale manufacturing of large aircraft parts; pressure/vacuum vessels, hydraulic presses, ovens and hydroclaves.
  • Hot-bonding repair modules �?Fully digitalized and computer controlled, these modules are available in single or dual zones; standard workshop range of the Flightline model for operation in hazardous environment. Accessories include standard and custom-formed heat blankets to suit the profiles of the composite parts.
  • Phosphoric Acid Containment System to increase efficiency and integrity of surface preparation for material bonding.
  • Specialized tools such as riveter guns, routers, drills, drill stops, cleco fasteners and other general workshop tools and equipment.


A variety of training packages tailored for specific need of the trainees are available �?from basic knowledge of aircraft composite repairs to special instructor’s courses. Depending on the package, the courses are either conducted on-side or at specialized training centers.

Technical Support

For equipment installations, we also provide calibration services and routine maintenance programs.


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