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Aerospace Coatings





-Epoxy Primer

-Polyurethane Primer



-Epoxy Topcoat

-Polyurethane Topcoat


-Abrasion Resistant/
Walkway Coating

-Composite Coating/
Primer Surfacer

-Conductive Coating

-Fuel Tank Coating

-Interior Cabin Coating

-Heat Resistant Coating

-Specialty Coating

-Wing Coating

-Auxillary Products












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Aerospace Coatings

Aircraft painting is a combination of science and art. The science part of it comes from the development of coatings that will perform under the extreme conditions that modern aircraft operate in, and the use of appropriate tools, equipment and processes.

Our premium coating products are developed by a reputable manufacturer who is the maker leader in the field of aerospace coatings and who consistently exceeds the technological demands of the industry. These products are engineered to have the perfect balance of protection, performance and appearance, after undergoing exhaustive and rigorous tests. They are either fully qualified or meet performance requirements of major aircraft manufacturers and regulatory authorities.

The art part of the formula derives from the skill, knowledge and experience of the applicators in using the right techniques to produce optimum result under varying working conditions and the environment. To achieve this, we offer our customer the technical expertise of our vendors to provide continuous improvements through regular practical and theoretical trainings or seminars.
Hypercoat offers a complete support for our products and services in every aspect of aircraft painting. Customers need only look us up for everything that is needed for aircraft painting. Our comprehensive portfolio includes:


  • Conventional, low VOC, high solids and water-based primers, topcoats and all the associated materials such as hardener/catalyst, thinners/reducers and cleaning solvents for exterior and interior aircraft surfaces.
  • Specialty coatings for high temperature applications, non-slip, abrasion-resistance, ablative, rain erosion, fuel tank and upper wing.
  • Paint Removers / Strippers �?environmentally friendly, regulatory conforming, ease of application and fast acting.
  • Biodegradable cleaners, polishers and protective coatings for exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Accessory products for surface preparation, paint application and finishing process such as abrasive disc, masking tapes, protective films, polishing pads, tack rags, paper wipes and decals.


  • Spray guns �?conventional suction / gravity feed, HVLP and pressure pot system.
  • Inspection and measuring instruments such gloss meter, film thickness gauge and viscosity cup.
  • Workshop equipment �?paint shaker, mixers and agitators, infra �?red curing system and color spectrometer.
  • Accessories to enhance good painting practices for personal health and safety such as disposable coverall, respirators, skin protection creams and hand-cleaners.

Value Added Service

  • Comprehensive standard training program covering every stage of aircraft painting, carried out in-house or at customer’s site. Also available are programs tailored to the specific need of our customers.
  • Color blending facility employing high technology equipment to enhance color accuracy, productivity and delivery time.
  • Expertise in handling shipment of hazardous material for air and sea shipment including special packaging, documentations and other related administrative matters.
  • Aircraft painting service �?whether complete strip or rub-down and paint, our competent and experience painting team can be deployed to perform painting assignment at any destination, for all type of aircraft.


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